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Lawyerskolkata.com aims at providing the right kind of legal services to people without misguiding them or make them pay up for services unnecessarily. Our team consists of 250 +distinguished lawyers and attorneys specialized in their respective field with more than 40 years of experience in providing legal services. We take pride in distinguishing our legal services of repute over many years of client handling.

Our motto is “We would rather not take a case than give incorrect assurance and guidance to people. We believe in providing quality legal service and hence quality is more important to us than quantity.”

We get 90% of legal matters through references. Our lawyers are already engaged by corporate and individual clients from USA, UK , Japan, Germany and China. For overseas clients, we have been the best legal service provider for debt or money recovery, breach of agreement between parties etc. at a very economic and reasonable cost. You can have a complete reference check before contacting us in case you need to.

Vision: To hold on to the current reputation of integrity and provide quality legal service to society.
Mission: To become a reliable legal service provider with a one stop solution for all legal problems for individuals and businesses and provide quick legal solutions at a justifiable cost with the best lawyers and advocates enlisted who can stick to our reputation of integrity.

Please note: This site is a not a directory of all the lawyers in Kolkata. This is a site where lawyers of Kolkata, West Bengal have registered on their own. All lawyers and advocates of Kolkata, West Bengal are not available here. If you want the contact of some lawyers, please check if such a lawyer has registered with us.


The best lawyers of Kolkata, West Bengal are registered with us. We have 250 + lawyers registered with us and is increasing every day. Clients who require legal assistance can search for lawyers from our website according to their criteria. If you are not sure of the advocate best suited for their case, you can send us an enquiry from “Contact Us” page and we will refer your matter to a maximum of 2 lawyers best suited for your legal matter according to your budget, court of practice and location preference. Our responsibility does not cease once we allocate a lawyer. We constantly take updates from the client as well as the lawyer to ensure that the legal issue is being driven towards resolution, so than our organizations name and integrity is not compromised. We delist the names of lawyers from our site who fail to provide legal services at par with our organizations reputation.

To the extent possible, we always explain our clients the merits and demerits of a particular case, how long it might take, and what it will probably cost. If there is any extra cost which need to be incurred at a future date, our lawyers will explain the reasons for that and will proceed only after consent from the client.

You can contact us on email at contact@lawyerskolkata.com if you want us to make any rent agreement, general agreements, hire / purchase/sale deed, Power of Attorney and notarize the same we will send you the same by courier. We can also send legal notices at very cheap rates. Please contact us for more details.

Some of the matters where we have been working for many years are as follows:

- Cheque Bounce, Debt Recovery, Money Laundering
- Mutual Divorce / Contested Divorce – Mutual Divorces are settled in 1 year.
- Deeds, Agreements, Partnerships & Contracts
- Registered Power of Attorney 
- Notary Services 
- Real Estate / Property Registrations
- Breach of Agreements
- Consumer problems / disputes
- Employment / Service Matters
- Landlord / Tenant Disputes
- Bail Petitions / Anticipatory Bails
- Arbitration mediation
- Medical Negligence
- Civil litigation / Civil rights
- Will & Probate
- Cooperative Law / Society Registrations
- Education Matters, Education Disputes
- All real estate deals – Whenever you are buying any property, land, plot, flats, house, make sure to consult with us for all legal documentation formalities. Right from the inception to the handing over of the property, there are a variety of deeds, agreements, de-mortgage and legal documents which need to be in place. We ensure that whatever property you purchase is bought or sold in a legal manner and you have all the purchase and sell documents in place. We even go a step ahead in searching the originality and legality of such property before you buy them ensuring credibility to the property and peace of mind to you.

For Lawyers:

Advocates or Lawyers enlisted with the Bar Council of India and practicing at any court in West Bengal can register with us after carefully reading the Terms & Conditions. Budding young advocates or experienced professionals, we require you all. Together, as a team we can bring a difference and transparency in the quality of legal services offered particularly in the eastern part of our country. You are welcome to be a part of our team if you too believe the same. We will send you references based on the client requirements and budget which should match your experience and expertise. Please provide your updated contact numbers. You will have a profile page and you can make it better by logging in to your account and updating all relevant information and photos. Your profile will remain more recent as and when you login. After you login, you will be able to find all your account information including the referred consultations on your dashboard. If your clients are satisfied with your services they can “Like” your profile which will be a positive differentiating factor. They can also “Dislike” your profile if your services are not upto the mark. Clients will also be able to write reviews for each lawyer. (This will start in some time). Lawyers based on popularity or quality of work will be displayed separately on our site. All the facilities are available for FREE. If you choose to be a PAID or VERIFIED lawyer, you can upgrade your membership and enjoy the benefits of paid membership which include getting guaranteed references and being a part of the core member team and other activities which will enrich you as a legal professional.

We wish you the best in your legal world, the Lawyerskolkata world.

For Clients seeking Legal Assistance:

You can SEARCH and contact the best lawyers in Kolkata, West Bengal. The best lawyers of Kolkata are registered with us. You can filter your requirements based on your budget, popularity of lawyer, experience and expertise or based on a location close to you. You can also choose a lawyer from Calcutta High Court, Tribunal Courts or District Courts of Kolkata and Bengal. You can contact one or more lawyers FREE. If you are not sure on which lawyer will suit your requirement, please Contact Us and we will refer your matter to the right lawyer. Do not worry on being receiving spam calls or mails. Your matter will referred to a maximum of 2 lawyers and you will not receive unnecessary calls or emails. You will receive a response within 1 working day from us. Again, this website will not charge anything from you and you can directly pay fees to the lawyer concerned. You can always let us know if you are happy or unhappy with our services and we will address your concern with top priority.

Get best lawyers in Kolkata for real estate deals. divorce matters, service, labor court or employment  matter, criminal matters, bail petitions, debt recovery, money laundering or cheque bounce matters, deeds, rent agreements, miscellaneous agreements , affidavits, wills, probate etc. 


Law Students / Legal Interns / Law Assistants / Law Teachers

You can register your profile with our website. From time to time, we get queries from reputed law firms of Kolkata for legal interns or legal assistants. You can register in our site for FREE or choose the PAID option. If you are a paid job seeker, you will be able to display your contact details on our website. We will also send your profile on priority to all legal firms and advocates registered with us who send us an enquiry.

We have special batches for Law Students or Judicial Students. Please watch this site for more.

Law Teachers  can contact us on mail at contact@lawyerskolkata.com if they want to get references of students from our site.