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  1. Paid members will be sent guaranteed references. If not, we will give you free listing for next year. 
  2. Membership for 1 year would be Rs 1200. This is an introductory offer and will increase in a short while.
  3. We will not display your contact information on the site. However, clients seeking legal assistance from you will receive your listed phone number and email.
  4. You can choose to be a "Verified" Lawyer.
  5. Please send Xerox copies of your Qualifications, Experience Certificates, Bar Council Registration and any other credentials which you have highlighted on our site. After verification of the same, we will upgrade you as a Verified Lawyer. There are no additional charges to be a Verified Lawyer if you are already a Paid Member.
    43/7 Biplabi Barin Ghosh Sarani,
    Kolkata – 700 067

  7. You can also send scanned copies to
  8. We do not guarantee conversion of the references. We can only send you inquiries. The lawyer will have to call or email the client to convert the references.
  9. If your contact information has changed, you will have to login with your user id and password to edit such information. Please mail us if you require assistance.

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